Make A Mess

Rhode Island's first children's recreational facility geared exclusively towards messy play! We are located at 6188 Post Road North Kingstown, Rhode Island 02852.

Messy Play Activities!

Please check our calendar for session times and what the day's messier activity is in the back room. We are only open during the times on our calendar except for private parties; then the facility is closed to the public! Thank you for checking us out and helping to spread the word! We are getting into a great groove and making some pretty epic messes!

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Birthday Parties

Have a fun, customized birthday for your little one at Make A Mess. We have many options to choose from! For more information click here!

Messy play made easy.

What do you think of when you hear Messy Play? For many of us, the idea of messy play sends a shudder down our spine! Paint, glitter, sand, glue, GAAAAAHHHHHH! It gets EVERYWHERE! Here at Make A Mess, we embrace the messy play, because of the learning and development that come with it! We take care of the mess and you just take care of your child!

Messy play is a particularly important form of play for babies, toddlers and young children. Messy play stimulates so many senses at once providing huge benefits for cognitive development. Messy play helps physical development by working on fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Children often work on their communication skills and language development by discussing what they are doing and feeling during messy play activities. Which brings us to the social and emotional development that messy play encourages in youngsters! Giving children an environment where there is no right or wrong builds self-esteem and awareness of self and others. Children learn a lot just through observation and side-by-side play with peers.

Make A Mess provides a safe atmosphere for your little to explore, socialize and learn with you right close by! When we say 'messy play made easy' we mean it. Check out our calendar for open times and come on in! We have a front area with 10 stations including the new WIND TUNNEL along with play sand, water, rice, play dough, kinetic sand and all sort of different mediums that we rotate, along with switching up the themes of the stations. There is a back room that we utilize for an even messier experience! Our calendar is where you will find the back-room activities that we rotate daily! We have water days, mud days, mixing days and paint days! We are the only place in Rhode Island that is offering exclusively messy play activities for youngsters and we are excited to share with everyone. So, come check us out and get your mess on and we’ll clean up!


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