It's Party Time!

At Make A Mess you can reserve a two-hour block for up to 15 participants, with a total of 40 persons in attendance. Our whole facility will be just for your party. The front area will have our normal 10 stations set up including such materials as sand, rice, water beads, etc. The themes of the stations are rotated frequently so unless requested and confirmed stations will be set as normal! We will help with set-up and completely take care of clean-up (clean-up is not part of the two-hour block). For more information please read the event contract!

~$200 Monday thru Thursday~

~Friday Night $225~

~Saturday $250~

~Sunday $275~

Please do not hesitate to discuss any ideas you may have and we will do our best to accommodate!

If you want to go all out and decorate we offer an extra 30 minutes for 35$.

How to Book:

You can check our scheduling calendar to see if your date is available, we offer 5-7 on Friday evening, 1230-230 or 4-6 on Saturdays and 10-12 or 2-4 on Sundays.  If your date appears to be available, Please pay the deposit, and fill out the Event contract found below or click here and then contact (If you are choosing a weekday please contact),

Thank you!

Birthday #riceart special for each party!
Birthday #riceart special for each party!

Add-ons are Extra

Not take-home messy activity:

  • Mud Play $75
  • Water Bead Kitchen $75
  • Play With PaintGLOW $75
  • Fizzy Cloud dough $70
  • Play with Paint $60
  • Oobleck $55
  • Shaving Cream Play $45

Take-Home Crafts: (per participant charge)

  • Squirt gun T-Shirts $6 (you provide the shirts)
  • Fizzy Cloud dough $6 (fizz some and take a bag home to play with)
  • Glow Slime $6
  • Slime with glue $5 (1/2 c)
  • 4x4 canvas art $5 (we do our best to match the theme)
  • Make your own Bath Putty $5
  • Make your own Snow $4
MAM House Rules