Here are the most FAQ’s

Are You open due to COVID-19?

Yes! We have adapted many of our activities to take-home kits for tons of messy fun at home; the link to our Take A Mess store can be found if you click here. We have had a minor setback and have had to close our facility, but are working towards group play again in the future.

What are your policies on shipping and returns?

Please click here for our policies regarding shipping and returns, thank you!

What is messy play?

Messy play is the open-ended exploration of materials and their properties. Activities like squishing clay, pouring sand, and sorting stones allow children to repeat and experiment as they like. Children are naturally curious, and messy play engages their senses at a developmental level that is appropriate for them.

Who is messy play for?

Messy play is for EVERYONE! It is a great way to bond and connect with the people around you. Trying new sensations and using your imagination benefits people of all ages and we have found the messy play to work with the youngest babies to the oldest people!

How do I stop my child from throwing stuff?

All children are different when it comes to sensory play. It is a good idea to make sure there are clear boundaries (we like a fitted sheet tucked on some chairs to create walls for a physical visual boundary) and lots of role-playing to show the proper way to play and make believe. You start to fade yourself out and allow your child to take over and explore. Make sure to supervise all children with small pieces!

How do I pre-register for a session?

Please go to our calendar page and at the top is a little greeting, continue to scroll down until you see the area for “Quantity” which is the number of participants (so if you’re bringing more than one child you would enter the amount there. Continue to scroll down until you find the session you want, click the “sign-up” button. Click that you have read the check-in form and fill in how many children under 9 months and how many adults are attending. Then click pay now! If you have more than one participant before you click the “pay now” button you enter SIBLING for two children, 2SIBLING for three children or 3SIBLING for four children in the “redeem coupon or Package” box. It is that easy! If you need more help we can send picture instructions via email!

Can I use my eGift Card to purchase kits?