Here are the most FAQ's

What is the appropriate attire?

We do try to use materials that won't stain, but it is always better to wear clothes you do not care about. So maybe a friends shirt 🙂 On a serious note, rain boots are a good idea and maybe a change of clothes.

What is the age limit?

Make A Mess is geared towards younger children (ages 1-5), with 9m-18m being a bit more kid dependant and after 5 also being more child dependant. If your one-year-old is very mouthy they may need a bit more time before coming into our facility (although we do have a taster's choice bucket for when things do go in the mouth) and older than five may be bored, but we find that for 90 minutes we are a good way to break up the day and spend some fun time with friends and family.

However, we do realize that what we offer may appeal to people of all ages. We would welcome anyone who wanted to check us out for any reason. If you are interested in private sessions please email us and we can chat!

Why are you only open 90 minutes at a time?

We are similar to taking a yoga class, a gym class or any other set amount of time activity. We have many reasons for this, but the biggest is SAFTEY! Not only do we need to keep our floors safe we also need to keep our tables replenished and the best way to do so is to run timed sessions.

We have also found that because children are all different, 90 minutes provides a good amount of time for a very unique free-play experience. One last reason is it gives people a bit of leeway if you are running late for whatever reason [ah, kids].

Do I have to pre-register?

You do not have to, but we STRONGLY RECOMMEND doing so if you are sure you are coming; you may not come in if we are at capacity which is the 22 participants plus their caregivers. Our calendar allows you to sign up 10m prior to the start of the session and also allows you to see how many spots we have available for that session; our facility does not accommodate more than 22 participants at a time! We typically do not refund online sign-ups!

Can I drop my child off?

We are not a drop off facility and all children must be supervised at all times! We do encourage adult participation too! please feel free to mix your own cloud dough or play with the paint too!

How do I pre-register for a session?

Please go to our calendar page and at the top is a little greeting, continue to scroll down until you see the area for "Quantity" which is the number of participants (so if you're bringing more than one child you would enter the amount there. Continue to scroll down until you find the session you want, click the "sign-up" button. Click that you have read the check-in form and fill in how many non-mobile children (children who are not cruising or pulling up) and how many adults are attending. Then click pay now! It is that easy! If you need more help we can send picture instructions via email!

Can I use my eGift Card to pre-register?

YES!!!! When checking out you need your 16 digit code that is similar to a credit card number. You type that information in and then make up the expiration date and CVV code!